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Yudha joined a baseball club in 2010 which kickstarted his love of sports and fitness. Looking to improve his performance in the field, he started resistance training and enjoyed the benefits as an athlete. Yudha then delved into calisthenics after a terrible injury resulting in him not being able to play baseball anymore and causing his early retirement in the sport.

Calisthenics was a mode of exercise that helped Yudha stay optimistic as he found that he could still enjoy fitness in other ways besides baseball.

In 2016, he co-founded AKSI (Indonesia Calisthenics and Streetworkout Community) as a way to grow a community of like-minded individuals passionate about calisthenics. He has been invited to judge in various competitions on the national as well as international level.

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yudha co-founded Powerthenics, an online coaching platform, which would then grow to serve clients from all over the globe. For his achievements, Yudha has been a mentor for APKI’s Mentorship Program since 2021 to those who are taking the fitness trainer certification.

In recent years, Yudha has been involved in a few accidents which caused major injuries and setbacks to his daily mobility, as well as his fitness journey. In his recovery, he realised that a proper fitness program and rehabilitation can do miracles to restore the life he once had before such accidents. As a coach, Yudha wants to show clients that setbacks and accidents can happen throughout one’s lifetime. He wants people who’ve been through similar situations as him to know that not all hope is lost: A better quality of life can be achieved through a meticulous and compassionate approach to fitness, whatever your goal may be.




  • APKI Kettlebell specialist
  • ACT Lv.1
  • Strength System L1 – Clean Health Fitness Australia
  • Precision Nutrition L1
  • Exercise & Stress Management – PTA Global
  • Robertson Training System Complete Coach


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