We started Level in 2014 with a mission to bring together a lifestyle that was the sum of its parts. It begun slowly (we started with 5 coaches!), but 6 years later, we’ve grown our little team to include wellness options like physiotherapy, rolfing and sports massage, while constantly adding talent that expands our range of coachable disciplines.

We currently operate out of two beautiful studios in the Singapore Central Business District, each with their own unique flavour and focus. We also actively work with other studios, local athletes, and networking collectives to grow a community that is diverse; each group adding to our vision of a Fitness landscape that is deep as it is wide.

At the same time, we hold the consistency of the Level brand close to us, so no matter where you go, you’ll be assured of an experience you’ll want to come back to.





On 11 November, 2020, we opened the doors to our studio at ASHTA, District 8 and launched four new classes – The Burner, The Meltdown, The Resistance and The Refinery – representing our flagship HIIT and Strength & Conditioning classes.

Our classes have been curated to cater to individuals of various levels of physical conditioning, and we strongly encourage you to use them as benchmarks to chart your own journey in fitness.

We hope to welcome you at our studios soon!

“Whatever you’re here to create, let’s take it to the next Level.“

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