(updated 9 May 2022)

Dear Level Jakarta FitFam,

We have policies in place to ensure your safety and the safety of our team. We ask that you read these policies thoroughly as we need your 100% co-operation in maintaining a healthy, pleasant studio environment.


Clients returning from outside of Jabodetabek


1) Clients who have been outside of Jabodetabek in the past 2 weeks before coming to Level must provide proof of health.
As the government has imposed similar health requirements throughout this past holiday season, you can provide the same travel documents:

  • travel within java: swab test antigen
  • travel outside of java (incl. overseas): PCR swab test

Please inform our front of house team during your booking/inquiry.


Booking Policy


2) Full vaccination is mandatory for all visitors.
3) No walk-ins will be allowed, please book at least 12 hours in advance
You can book via Mindbody or directly with our front of house.
If you have traveled outside of Jabodetabek, please book via our reception.


Class Capacity


4) Group classes will have a maximum capacity of 10 pax and minimum capacity of 2 pax.
Personal Training: only up to two clients (or two client groups) will be allowed per one studio area.
5) Classes with less than 2 pax will be cancelled 12 hours before class start time.
6) Pre-booking is mandatory.
7) As always, please respect and maintain social distancing measures and wear your mask at all times when not training.
Please do not come to Level if you are feeling unwell.


General Entry Flow


8) The mall in which we are situated, ASHTA at District 8, conducts temperature checks and mandatory Peduli Lindungi screenings at each entrance to the premises. If you are found to have a temperature greater than 37.5 degrees celsius and/or do not have Peduli Lindungi clearance, both the mall and Level have the right to turn away clients from entering.
9) Upon entering the studio, you are required to have another temperature check as well as Peduli Lindungi scanning before signing into our reception.
10) You are required to wear a face mask at all times outside of working out. In other words, please keep your mask on when you are checking in, waiting for class to start, after you’ve finished your session, in the lounge, etc. Loitering is prohibited around the studio area.
11) We check and update the temperature of each Level staff every day. This as well as regular swab antigen test results of each staff is submitted to and managed by the mall management


Cleaning Equipment Provided by The Studio


12) Our studio is cleaned and disinfected every hour between class schedules. We also ask all trainers, staff, and clients to disinfect any equipment used with isopropyl alcohol which we have provided in each room.


Class Specific Policies


13) Class sizes will be limited to 8 pax per class, depending on studio availability to ensure social distancing is in place. Because of the reduced class size, we ask that you cancel at least 12 hours in advance should you be unable to make the class, as you not doing so will greatly affect someone else’s chance of attending the class. If there is a no-show, we will strike an additional class (including the one you missed) from your package as a deterrent measure (so that’s two classes we’ll strike off).
14) Once a class has started, there will be a grace period of 5 minutes. Late comers will not be allowed entry after this grace period.
15) If an individual is on a Level Membership, a late cancellation or no-show will result in advance-booking privileges being stripped for the next 7 days. Classes will still be open, but access will be limited to same-day bookings only (for the 7 day penalty period).
16) If there are insufficient people to make up a class (less than 2 pax), we reserve the right to cancel the class with 12 hours notice.
17) Wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER all classes and personal training sessions. You can also find bottles of hand sanitisers at the lounge, reception, and vanity area. Please feel free to use them when you go in and out of the space!
18) Our coaches will be wearing masks throughout the session, and our floors will be clearly marked to demarcate your usable space. Please maintain 2 metres apart throughout your training session for social distancing.




19) We provide sport and bath towels fresh every morning in our vanity area. This may change from time to time depending on current government restrictions and Level reserves the right to temporarily disallow the lending of towels if required. Of course, you may also bring your own. Towels will also be sold at the reception for IDR 200,000 for bath towels and IDR 100,000 for sport towels.
20) Additional amenities include soap and shampoo in each shower stall as well as hair tools in our vanity area.
21) Please make sure to watch your belongings and do not have any used towels or used clothing laying around. Any such items left behind at the studio will be disposed off at the end of the day.


Booking & Payment


22) Bookings and payments should be done electronically. We use MindBody Online for all bookings and all payments are done via Bank transfer or E-Wallet (via QRIS code). We highly discourage any form of cash payment during this time.


Identification Requirement


23) You are required to bring a valid ID to check in at our reception and to also exchange it for a locker key. This is also required to keep track of individuals frequenting our studio.


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