Our classes have been curated to cater to individuals of various levels of physical conditioning, and we strongly encourage you to use them as benchmarks to chart your own journey in fitness.

Education is a big part of how we view fitness, and each class is designed to teach you something new about your body, even if it’s “Good Lord that’s where my hamstrings are”.


 (All Levels Strength Training)

Our Fundamental Strength Training Class is designed to help you build a solid foundation in strength training. Over the course of 45 minutes, you will learn how to execute basic body movements such as pushing, pulling, hingeing, and loading with great form; and our trainers will help you master compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, and other fundamental exercises. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced lifter, this class is for you if your goal is to focus on technique and form.

Our small class size of only 6 people ensures that our experienced trainers can give you personalized attention and guide you through each movement with proper form and technique. Our friendly environment will make you feel comfortable and motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

Essentials classes are 45 minutes long, and are open to all levels. 

The Meltdown


(All Levels Cardiovascular Training)

Get ready to sweat it out and feel the burn with our High-Intensity Cardio Class! This full-body and core workout will challenge you and push you to your limits. Our experienced trainers will lead you through a dynamic and energizing 45-minute workout that will get your heart pumping and your body moving.

Our high-intensity class is designed to maximize calorie burn and increase endurance. You’ll work every muscle group and elevate your fitness level to new heights. No matter your fitness level, our trainer will provide modifications and options so you can safely and effectively challenge yourself.

Join us for a fun and motivating group workout that will leave you feeling exhilarated and energized. Sign up now and let’s crush those fitness goals together!

Endorphins classes are 45 minutes long, and are open to all levels. 

Level Classes 3


(Beginner to Intermediate Strength Training)

The Resistance is a great way for you to start befriending the Barbell. We introduce basic movement patterns like the squat, hinge, push and pull with this versatile piece of equipment, which really just sets up a new platform for you to push yourself harder. Good form will be emphasised and we’ll start off slow, because that’s the best way to build a strong body you can be proud of.

Resistance classes are 60 minutes long, and are open to all levels. 

The Refinery


(Intermediate to Advanced Strength Training)

The pinnacle of what the human body can achieve starts at The Refinery, a class that takes your existing knowledge of barbell movement and amplifies it exponentially. We look at progressive overload, a word here that means getting you measurably stronger week on week. Conditioning here will involve more complex movement with a variety of implements like sandbags, barbells, ropes and kettlebells, all while your heart is racing. It’s where champions are forged.

Refinery classes are 60 minutes long. You must be able to do a RESISTANCE class comfortably before booking this class.

Power Express


 (All Levels Yoga)

This is a vigorous and athletic style of yoga practice. This challenging class offers a cardio workout that will build your strength, stability, and stamina. Each class usually focuses on the anatomy and physiology of the body. Based on Hatha and Vinyasa, the class strings postures together so that people move seamlessly utilizing the breath. Each class focuses on opening, strengthening, and lengthening certain muscle groups to prepare for one or multiple peak postures. Prepare to discover muscles you didn’t know you had.

Power Express classes are 45 minutes long, and Power Yoga classes are 60 minutes long. Both classes are open to all levels. 

Recovery Flow


(All Levels Yoga)

A balance of Yin and Yang style of yoga. Class starts with a vigorous practice that challenges the endurance, strength and flexibility of the muscles, and ends with long holds floor poses, targeting the connective tissue to balance the practice. Each class focuses on opening, strengthening, and lengthening certain muscle groups depending on the focus on the day. This practice will condition your nervous system, balancing the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system.

Recovery Flow classes are 60 minutes long, and are open to all levels. 



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For purchases of new packs or renewals, please WhatsApp our reception beforehand at +62 811 19 53835.

Payment must be done before the intended class starts via Bank Transfer to:

UOB Indonesia
Level Fitness Indonesia, PT
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Members with active packages can book directly via our website or the MindBody Online app.





Clients should cancel 12 hours in advance via MBO, by emailing or calling us, or sending us a DM on Instagram.

Late cancel: 1 credit taken off
No show: 1 credit taken off Members who no-show: will lose ability to pre-book classes for a week

If there are insufficient people to make up a class (less than 2 pax), we reserve the right to cancel the class with 12 hours notice.

No late comers

Please come at least 5-10 minutes before your class to get yourself sorted.
Once a class has started, there will be a grace period of 5 minutes. Late comers will not be allowed entry after this grace period

Dress code

All clients are required to wear suitable gym attire when exercising.
A top and closed footwear must be worn at all times in the studios except when the class in session does not require footwear.

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